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🎬👍👯❤️ We are so proud to support @juggerknotco and ask for your support as well by following them! Juggerknot Theatre Company was founded in Miami, Florida in 1998. The company helped redefine the burgeoning theatre scene emerging from Miami’s Urban Core, showcasing and developing works from local and national playwrights. In 2001, Juggerknot began to establish closer ties with writers and directors in NYC, making it part of their mission to bridge energy and talent between both cities. Today, Juggerknot continues to push the boundaries and expectations of it’s audience by delivering alternative, experimental, and non-traditional #theatre works to audiences in #Miami and #NewYorkCity. Juggerknot is committed to the Cross pollination of talent and energy from the sunlit pavements of #MIA to the gritty streets of #NYC.

She’s an artist, a teacher, an entrepreneur and a mentor. She seeks self-improvement daily, and she’s my inspiration to do the same. She’s my mother-in-law, my suegra; She’s mama chu.

Keep up with her at @ssuthreads. (at Sunny Side Up HQ)

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