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Lucky Bruno’s aerial class makes you feel triumphant about your strength at any level. I’m just getting started in my training and I feel like I can do anything. Bring your grrr face and fly with me Tuesday and Thursday mornings! (at Moksha Design)

How do you walk into an audition, onto a stage, or in front of the camera, and share who you are?

Juggerknot Theatre Company presents:

One Day Intensive Acting Workshop with Jennifer De Castroverde

This workshop will provide actors with tools to develop the technical means to physically and emotionally connect to language, themselves, and others. Through vocal, movement, acting, and writing exercises, actors will begin the profound journey of truthfully expressing and resonating their own stories through the representation of character.

Saturday May 17, 2014 
10:30 – 6:00PM @ Miami Theatre Center
9806 NE 2nd Ave Miami Shores, FL 33138

$45 register by May 9th
$55 at the door
limited to 20 students

Message me for details! (at Miami Theater Center)

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